Crack open a bottle and take a deep breath. That's fresh, whole, organic herbs and vitamins and a patented amino acid (L-Theanine) you smell. Prepared with love for optimum potency.

The Benefits of Stress Guard

  • Promotes a healthy adrenal response*
  • Naturally sourced Organic B-vitamins*

A daily dose of stress can wear you down. Stress can affect your adrenal glands causing adrenal depletion. Digestion slows. Sleep is disrupted. You're tired during the day but can't sleep well at night. It's a vicious cycle. Stress Guard is a wonderful combination of whole organic herbs and organic B-vitamins designed to help your body adapt to stress.* 


  • 90 Non-GMO Vegetarian Capsules
  • Made with Organic Holy Basil, Licorice, Ashwagandha and Skullcap
  • Made with Organic B-vitamins
  • Clinically proven dose of L-Theanine
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Manufactured in the USA

Stress Guard 90 Cap by Wild Harvest