Crack open this bottle and inhale. What you smell is whole organic Valerian. Grown organically and hand-harvested and processed in small batches for optimum potency.

The Benefits of Valerian

  • For relief of occasional sleeplessness
  • An effective and gentle sleep aid

Imagine your central nervous system is a radio.  Occasionally, the dial gets stuck in the "on" position and you can't turn it off. That's sure to make restful sleep an elusive dream. Valerian helps support the "off mode" so your mind can quiet down and relax. Night, night.

Commonly known as: all-heal


  • Available in 90ct. or 180ct. Non-GMO vegetarian capsules
  • Certified Organic Valerian root
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Manufactured in the USA

Valerian 180 Caps by Wild Harvest