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About our Family...


Our Staff and Store Front
George & Lori
Hi, I'm the Owner, George Samaris,

I opened up Everything Natural, Too in 1995 because of my strong passion for a holistic and fit lifestyle that I carry with me to this day.


Our goal is to share organic, non-GMO nutritional products with our customers to help build strong bodies and minds. Our philosophy flows through optimizing digestion, improving liver function, balancing thyroid and adrenals (hormone balance), supporting mitochondrial health, and, finally, lowering inflammation systemically (in the blood). I believe by following this model we can optimize our customers' health and well being for their future. 


By boosting our cellular energy (voltage), we provide an environment that has greater opportunities for robust health and eliminates conditions where disease can manifest itself.


I love running the shop because I know I am making a difference in my customers' lives. I encourage them to lead active lifestyles, as I do myself. Outside of my work, I love to run, cycle, and workout in nature. I believe in a balanced mind, body, and spirit.


Carpe Diem, my friends!




George Samaris

​Hi, I'm the Manager, Lori Raimondo,

​I started working for Everything Natural over 16 years ago when I was just starting college. I earned my degree in dietician and nutrition studies and with the help of my knowledgeable and supportive boss, I never stopped learning.


In my personal time I enjoy jogging and taking care of my three dogs: ChaCha, Daisy, and Destiny.


I love working at the shop because I can personally assist customers and see their results first hand. By building a rapport with our customers I like to think we are creating a welcoming and helpful environment for people to grow in.


"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care"

-Maya Angelou.




LoriAnn Raimondo


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