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Daily Essential Nutrients With Added Vitamers is a clinical-strength broad-spectrum micronutrient formulation, substantially similar to our primary DEN formulation, but with key differences. It is specifically formulated for individuals with certain genetic variations of Vitamin B6 and Folate metabolism. For example, people sensitive to methylfolate and methylcobalamin (genetic “methylation” disorders), will likely respond better to this formula, as a result of reduced Methyl forms and added niacin, which is known to moderate "overmethylation" symptoms. It also contains more forms of natural food vitamers in ratios present in nature. Data collected on a pre-production version of this formula, offered to about a hundred individuals, showed that it managed anxiety and insomnia better in some people compared with our primary DEN formulation.  Learn more about the differences between the two formulations here. 

DEN With Added Vitamers is recommended by physicians worldwide to enhance mood, mental clarity, and behavior in patients.* If you don't have a clinical diagnosis and you're looking for a high-quality general health formula, check out Men's and Women's Optimal Balance.

Daily Essential Nutrients with Vitamers 120 Caps by Hardy

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