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Enjoy sound sleep all night and improve your overall health with Enhanced Natural Sleep® with Melatonin Capsules from Life Extension®. Restful sleep at night reportedly promotes healthy cellular division and fights fatigue‚ skin conditions and obesity.

Ashwagandha and Indian gooseberry extracts in Sendara™ may provide antioxidant protection to your body and improve cellular health. The adaptogen ashwagandha could alleviate stress‚ promote relaxation‚ and help you sleep better. It may also reduce pain‚ swelling‚ and discomfort to promote restful sleep.

Indian gooseberry‚ or Emblica Officinalis‚ could correct disturbed sleep cycles and help you sleep for longer hours at night. Indian gooseberry in this dietary supplement from Life Extension® may boost immunity‚ support certain facets of heart health‚ increase energy levels‚ and fight oxidative damage and inflammation. It reportedly improves bowel movement‚ promotes youthful skin‚ and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

Bioactive milk peptides work as a natural sedative. These peptides could improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster at night.

Take Enhanced Natural Sleep® with Melatonin Capsules from Life Extension® daily and it may fight insomnia to support a healthy mood‚ improve your cardiovascular health‚ and reduce skin aging.

Enhanced Natural Sleep with Melatonin 30 Caps by Life Extension

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