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Ion Biome

Not only do you need a healthy intestinal tract for absorption of nutrients and ease of digestion, the gut is the leader of the immune system! A healthy and sound intestinal microbiome is the key to staying well.


An oxygen based intestinal cleanser. The power of ozonated magnesium gently and effectively removes mucoid plaque (stored waste product) along all 30 feet of the intestinal lining. It leaves you with that super clean, light feeling while reducing gas and bloatedness.

Liver Support & Detox

Herbal blend of milk thistle, dandilion, NAC, and selenium that combine to support the liver's removal of toxins (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, and unproductive bacteria) thus supporting an effective immune response thoughout the blood stream and therefore the entire body.

Everything Natural's Gut Flora Pack

$146.99 Regular Price
$136.99Sale Price
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