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Strontium Caps Capsules from Life Extension® are a vegetarian supplement that could promote healthy bones. This product is chemically similar to calcium and might improve bone density.

Strontium‚ present in this supplement from Life extension®‚ is a trace element discovered in the Scottish village of Strontian. Researc shows that strontium absorbed by the body may support the skeletal system. It also might stimulate bone building cells called osteoblasts‚ which could help form new bone. It also appears to delay the breakdown of bone cells.

Many people believe that a healthy balance of new and old bone could keep your bones strong. The aging process may make bones porous and fragile; weak bones might potentially lead to fractures.

Strontium could improve bone mineral density and thickness‚ thereby strengthening bones. It might promote cartilage growth and could also promote healthy joints. Strontium may support dental health as well. Balance your bone and joint health with Strontium Caps Capsules from Life Extension®.

Strontium by Life Extension 750mg 90 Cap

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