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Provinal® contains purified palmitoleic acid‚ an omega-7 monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA). Palmitoleic acid is formed in the body from the conversion of glucose to fatty acids‚ or can be obtained in the diet from plant and marine sources. This fatty acid has been shown to support healthy cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels for those already within a normal range‚ and has a beneficial effect on other metabolic parameters.

Palmitoleic acid acts as a direct regulator of metabolism‚ with actions including:

-suppression of adipocyte cytokine expression
-promotion of pancreatic B cell proliferation and secretory function to support insulin production and glucose management
-enhancement of skeletal muscle glucose uptake
-stimulation of adipocyte peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor (PPAR)-gamma transcriptional activity‚ a nuclear receptor involved in fatty acid metabolism as well as modulation of cell proliferation and differentiation

Provinal® contains no GMO ingredients. Each softgel contains less than 1% palmitic acid‚ which is less than the amount of palmitic acid contained in half a macadamia nut.

Provinal Omega-7 30 Softgels by Life Extension

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