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Nature's Antidote to Toxins

Mainaining gut balance is vital to overall health.  70% of our body's immune system is in our gut lining.

Heavily-processed foods, GMO's, gluten, and enviromnental toxins such as herbicides and animal antibiotics destroy the healthy bacteria in our digestive tract.  These toxins may penetrate through our gut lining and into the circulatory system, leading to immune system decline, which can result in a breakdown of overall health and well being.

Our Microbiome is Macro Important!

Understanding and revealing the relationship between mental and physical well-being and a healthy gut microbiome is on the leading edge of medical research.  Our internal ecosystem is ideally composed of more than 20,000 different species of friendly bacteria that call our body home.  A diet rich in micro-nutrients, as found in naturally colorful foods, encourages biodiversity in our gut.  As those specialized bacteria break down food, they generate carbon metabolites that are as unique as snowlakes.  These metabolites act as a communication network, and Restore helps re-establish and amplify this primary communication system between bacteria and our body.  When the entire microbiome is working together, our body can absorb and utilize nutrients as biologically needed.

ION* Gut Health 2 Month Supply Liquid Supplement (aka Restore)

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